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Dear Miss Mary,

Is there such a thing as a Summertime Bloody Mary?
It’s hotter than you-know-what, but I’m craving that bloody delicious flavor!

We’ve always had them in the winter (football Sunday is our tradition) and made them into a sort of meal with all the cured meat, cheese, and veg we add.

How can I drink Bloody Marys all year long? 

Thank you,

Meg H.


Dear Meg,

Don’t let anyone yuck your yum, sunshine. If you want a Bloody Mary, then you go on and have yourself one. 

Serving Bloody Marys in the Summertime

Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir is on the lighter side both in calories and viscosity, so you are ahead of the game if you start with my mix for a Summer refreshment.
Turn that freshness up even more with some cucumber flavored vodka (I lurrrve Effen’s version) for a spa-like solution on your craving.

If the heat or humidity is just too much for you, I have another idea that might just curl your toes.

Summertime Bloody Mary Poptail

A ‘Poptail’ recipe can be as simple as pouring my Original Mix and vodka into popsicle molds and freezing. Add some lime or lemon juice for a big punch of freshness.
I adore the ones with festive garnish as featured on Fork and Beans. 

Here’s to a delicious Summer ahead! Shake, pour, adore, sweet Meg.