Seriously. Guacamole so good, it will be gone before you know it.

Avocados are called a 'good fat.' Any excuse will do to make this fabulous dip and then watch it disappear.

This is one of our favorite food recipes because it fits with a low-sugar, keto-friendly lifestyle, complements our Paloma and Margarita mixers perfectly, and is so easy to make for your next party (or, you know, TUESDAY).
Ditch the sugar, not the fun.

INGREDIENTS - What to buy

This recipe scales well and can be adjusted to taste. 🤍

goodbye guacamole ingredients


Start by halving 4 ripe avocados, pop out the stone (like THIS), and scoop out the flesh of the fruit.
Next, dice an onion (yellow or red have the most flavor) and add to avos. You can either dice finely or leave in larger chunks. You can also use slightly less than a whole onion depending on preference or how large your onion is.
Add minced garlic. Don't ask how much, measure it with your heart.
Don't forget some heat! Most commonly, we use jalapeño(s) with seeds left in. But you can remove seeds for gentler palates. You could also substitute or enhance with serrano or roasted poblano pepper(s). Even Sriracha will work in a pinch.
Rough-chop a whole mess of cilantro leaves. (Unless you're one of the unfortunate who thinks it tastes like soap. Poor darlin's.) No fresh cilantro? You can use powdered coriander, or just skip it altogether.
Season well with oregano (powdered works best), salt, and pepper.

Juice a whole lime or two, plus zest (or a lemon if you that's what you have).

Last, mash* and serve - "Goodbye, guacamole!"
*Smooth guac is suspicious - leave it to the store brands. Use a potato masher for a big, chunky dip.

You know what goes beautifully with this recipe? The PERFECT MARGARITA

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