Par Tea Refresher

Par Tea Refresher

Par Tea Refresher (Zero Proof)

Wait, you’ve never heard of a “Par Tea Refresher?” Where on earth have you been li… just kidding, we made it up. *wink*
But you’re going to LURRRRRRVE it.

If you’ve been around a golf for longer than a minute, you’ve probably heard someone order an “Arnold Palmer.”
As legend has it, ol’ Arnie was the originator of the famous Lemonade/Tea combo. It’s sweet and cool and has a kick of caffeine – the perfect refreshment after a hot day on the links.

There’s just one problem… Lemonade is PACKED with sugar.

If you’re living that keto-lifestyle… ain’t NObody got time for Lemonade.

Enter Miss Mary’s LITE Margarita Mix.

Miss Mary’s LITE Margarita Mix is a clean label, non-alcoholic mix that is ready to pour. Beverages should take longer to drink than to make, don’t you think?

  • 1 part Iced Tea*
  • 1 part Miss Mary’s Lite Margarita Mix
  • Garnish Game: Slice of Lemon AND Lime

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Easy Peasy!

*Try making lo-fi, earth-friendly SUN TEA.


If you want the fizzy without the dizzy, top this delicious Summer sipper with a sparkling water. Use your favorite citrus flavor and you’ll feel alright, alright, alright.

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