Ditch the Sugar. Keep the Fun.

Giving up sugar doesn't mean giving up fun. Life is meant to be celebrated!

Miss Mary's Low Sugar Living is about living your best life without guilt.

We've included recipes using Miss Mary's mixes or syrups, resources for your own low sugar journey, and tips to enjoy delicious celebrations and still feel good about your choices.

Ditch the sugar. Ditch the guilt. Keep the fun.

Sugar Free Cosmo Martini

The Sugar Free Cosmo Martini is on brand for you 90s Gals And just like that... we're drinking Cosmo Martinis again. ↪ JUMP TO RECIPE If you miss the days...

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Low Sugar Recipes

From first sip of coffee to last call on the patio, these recipes will help you ditch sugar (AND sucralose), but keep the fun.

The Perfect Margarita

Ready to make the Perfect Margarita?

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The Perfect Paloma

The Perfect Paloma is achievable, friends.

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Paloma Mimosa Recipe

This Paloma Mimosa Recipe is perfect for brunch, an event, or a shower.

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Paloma Press Recipe

You have been looking for this Paloma Press Recipe your entire life. You just didn’t know it.

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Paloma Martini Recipe

The Paloma Martini is a super simple recipe, like most martinis are. Our favorite bartender says to, “shake it so cold, you can skate across the top of it.”

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Salty Dog Recipe

MISS MARY’S SALTY DOG RECIPE Looking for a recipe for the Salty Dog cocktail? Look no further. This is a close relative to the Greyhound. The difference? Just a salt...

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Paloma Shandy Recipe

The bright, tart grapefruit of a Paloma elevates even the most basic beer for a crisp, fresh beverage that is as perfect on the patio as it is on the...

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Miss Mary’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

When the cold creeps in, let Chicken Tortilla

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