Bring Margaritas Back into Your Life

Don't ditch your favorite Summer cocktail, just ditch the guilt! Our low-sugar margarita delivers that fresh, lime flavor you love in just 30 calories.
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Our Paloma Mix is Magically Versatile

Perfectly balanced between tartness (grapefruit & lime) and all natural sweetness and still just 30 calories.
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Bloody Mary Any Time of Day

Light and refreshing like the Original Morning Elixir with a bolder and spicier kick. It is a bloody good mary.
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Low Sugar, Big Taste

Livin' la Vida Low Sugar? Same.
Fiesta with friends, cheers your coworkers, or party with your partner. Our mixers are made for celebrating life, no guilt necessary.

Why low sugar?

Our Lite Margarita Mix is just 30 calories per serving and 5g of Sugar. No artificial sweeteners or flavors either!

Miss Mary's Bloody Mary mixes are the morning elixirs of your dreams. Each one is just 35 teeny calories and 5g of sugar.

You will adore the refreshing and tart Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix. With just 1g of sugar and 30 Calories per serving, you might fall in love.

The Miss Mary's Tavern-Style Old Fashioned Mix pays homage to our Wisconsin roots. But at 30-calories, this mix is at home anywhere.

Better-For-You Mixers, Elixirs, and Syrups

By using quality ingredients in our products, we are redefining drink mixes - one, delicious cocktail at a time. Miss Mary's uses all natural sweeteners and flavors so you don't have to worry about what they'll do to your gut (inside or out).

Low Sugar
Keto Friendly
All Natural Flavors
Gluten Free
No Artificial Colors
No Major Allergens
No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Our Story

Miss Mary's Mix is a family business inspired by our struggle to find products that fit a healthy lifestyle and taste delicious.

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