Bridal Shower Tips – Signature Drink

Dear Miss Mary,

HELP! I need some tips for throwing an expert-level bridal shower. My sister is getting married in the Fall and I’m in charge of the shower. I’ve never done this and it is so overwhelming!

We’ll have guests of all ages attending. How do I make this a special event without breaking the bank or making myself stressed out?

Thank you.

Savannah J.


Dear Savvy Sis,

Oooh, now THIS is exciting. Hooray for romance, am I right?

I understand your nervousness about throwing an event like this, but the secret to successful parties is to make people feel welcome and special.
You’re already half-way there because you care!

I like to start with a theme – you can go kitschy or classy, depending on the bride’s style.
My personal preference is to use color and decor as the theme.. 

You’ll be busy hosting the day, so it’s a good idea to set up a self-service drinks bar for your guests.

Mimosas or Bloody Marys are excellent choices for any time of year. These drinks work well with modestly-priced liquor and if you’re shy about the label, you can create a themed bottle wrap to hide it. You can also check out MISSMARYSMIX – Cocktail Bars on Pinterest.

Another option is to serve one signature drink and a mix of soft drinks, tea, lemonade. My personal vote would be for the Paloma Mimosa. It is ruby red grapefruit perfection, if I do say so myself. *wink* Truly – you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier cocktail for a bridal shower.

I’m sure your guests will adore what they pour if you use Miss Mary’s Mixers – they’re light and fresh and oh-so-delish.

As for Bridal Shower Food? Here’s a few tried and true tips:

Some of the best tips for bridal shower  food include finger food, mini sandwiches, and light appetizers. These are easy to make in bulk and to replenish.
ominate a friend or relative to help keep an eye on the food supplies. Then, you can focus on the bride to be.

Last but not least, don’t forget to circulate the room so everyone feels like a guest of honor!

On the day of the event, give yourself enough time to set up your party AND to get yourself ready (that’s a trap many new hosts fall into).

If you have the eye for it, take pictures throughout the day – especially of the people and the bride – but also of your buffet and bar.
A few artistic shots of the invite, flowers, and gifts table are always sentimental favorites. 

Best of luck for a beautiful memorable day, doll.