This Paloma Mimosa Recipe is perfect for brunch with the besties, a signature drink at an event, or an elegant choice for a shower.
Sparkling anything just feels fun and fancy. Plus, you get to use such beautiful glassware, right?

A flute shape will concentrate the aromas and make the bubbles last longer. But, coupes give an adorable vintage vibe.
There is really no wrong way to pour a Paloma Mimosa.

There are so many sparkling wine options at affordable price points nowadays. Thank you, winemakers!
We always recommend choosing a “Brut” version, which will contain less sugar.


You hardly need a Paloma Mimosa Recipe. Brunch experts will tell you to measure the ingredients with your heart. *wink*

The recipe ingredient ratio is 1:1.

Paloma Mimosa Recipe Ingredients

INSTRUCTIONS – Let’s do this!

Pour the sparkling wine until your glass is about half-full.  When the bubbles settle, top with Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix.

Garnish with an orange or grapefruit wedge.


The mimosa is a brilliant way to make your champers/ sparkling last a little longer. If you have something to celebrate with friends, but just one bottle chilled? No worries, darlin. Add Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix and everyone will be able to join the toast. Cheers to that!

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