Are You Looking for Coffee-Inspired Gift Ideas?

Coffee is an entire lifestyle for some people. We are some people. It's us. 


Fresh Out of Coffee-Inspired Gift Ideas?

For coffee lovers, gifts tend to take one of two paths - outrageously expensive machines or... a mug. Unless it's a Dolly Parton riding a rainbow with aTed Lasso quote mug, it is probably fair to say that no one needs another mug this holiday season. At some point, it's just more stuff to stuff into the cabinet.

Great gifts don't have to be expensive and they don't have to be boring. Fellow frugal gifters, gather 'round. We were inspired to create 5 coffee-gift categories inspired by the personalities of our own favorite coffee cravers.

Of course, we paired our inventive gift suggestions with the Sinless Syrups that complement them best. *wink* What do you think of our recommendations?

Christmas gifts for Coffee Lovers


If time is on your side, "heart-made" gifts are sentimental favorites. If you're a creative type, you probably know this category well. For everyone else, these are handmade, homemade, and thrifted treasures.

Coffee-inspired handmade gifts might include a coffee scrub or bar of soap with coffee grounds for invigoration and exfoliation. You could make an espresso or mocha scented candle.

Coffee-inspired Homemade gift ideas could be chocolate covered espresso beans packaged in a handmade gift bag. What if you created an espresso bean, dark chocolate bark? How delicious does that sound?

If your giftee is into vintage, thrifting can yield some magical discoveries like an antique China creamer and sugar bowl set or delicate, silver spoon for stirring their favorite Sinless Syrup into their morning blend. 

Suggested Pairing:  Apple Crisp and Madagascar Vanilla Sugar Free Sinless Syrups
Heart-made gift ideas from Miss Mary's Mix


Maybe your friend is not quite all-the-way "granola," but merely crunchy-curious. This is a judgement free zone because every health journey is unique. Embrace the scrunchy!
If she has been wanting to try mushroom coffee for ages, get over to Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and take advantage of their Black Friday sales. We can attest that this adaptogen-rich coffee tastes even better than straight beans. We love the way it tastes AND feels. While you're at it, you might as well order a couple bags for yourself. 🎁
Another idea we love is a roller ball with coffee essential oil for on-the-go perkiness. Great for long drives, Monday mornings, and post-workout. 
Suggested Pairing:  Toasted Marshmallow and Mocha Sugar Free Sinless Syrups

Gift Ideas from Miss Mary's Mix


e.g. metal coffee scoops instead of the basic plastic ones that come with every coffee maker and espresso machine.

We're too old to figure out if "bougie" still means what we think it means, so we're going with "Slay-ful," ok? 

Do you have a fancy friend or are you the fancy friend? No shame in that game. Don't we deserve nice things? Of course we do.

Buying gifts on a budget can be frustrating. Buying gifts for fancy friends on a budget can be stressful! For your friends who can buy what they want when they want it, gifts are a different animal. You might consider a Heart-made gift. You might not show up with a Tiffany box, but you're more likely to see tears in her eyes. 

If you decide to get something nice for your fancy friend, remember that accessories are the key to luxury. Things don't have to cost a lot to look (and feel) expensive.

She might have a Breville pro espresso machine, but a frothing wand in brushed metal or a pop of color is a fun and thoughtful gift for those mornings when she just wants a quick cup.

And speaking of million-dollar coffee machines... do you know that even those come with plastic coffee scoops? Try a brushed gold or rose gold stainless steel scoop. You could even have it engraved (oooh!  Heart-made AND Slayful!)

Is she a nerd for the Scandanavian or Japanese design? Get her an elegantly- designed hand broom and dust pan for those errant coffee grounds that litter the counter. Slay, queen. SLAY. 

Suggested Pairing:  Hazelnut and Salted Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Sinless Syrups

Coffee-inspired gift ideas from Miss Mary's Mix


Sometimes the best holiday is the at-home holiday. If your giftee loves their down-time, you will be the gift-hero of the season if you find them a juicy beach read or a hard-bound classic to add to their collection.

Curling up in comfy clothes and lingering over a steamy cup of delicious with a book you can't put down sounds like living your best life.

You can thrift a fun, fast read or spend ages looking through the used book shop. What if you added a hand-made bookmark to your selection? Ooooh, that's a good one.

If you're not sure what kind of book to choose, check out their GoodReads account. And if they don't already have one... introduce them to it!

Suggested Pairing:  Hazelnut and Salted Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Sinless Syrups
Comforting gift ideas from Miss Mary's Mix


Coffee can be such a comforting ritual, if you have the time to enjoy it. Too often we're dashing out the door (<--- see what we did there? "Dashing..." 🤪) Life can get pretty hectic for even our most high-achieving friends.

Sometimes that simple morning ritual isn't enough. 

If your giftee had a rough year, you might consider giving a subscription to a meditation app like Calm, Breethe, or Headspace. They are all running sales right now. This is a beautiful way to show your friend how much you care.

Suggested Pairing:  Cinnamon Dolce and Peppermint Pattie Sugar Free Sinless Syrups

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