How to Make Cinnamon Dolce Yogurt for Low Sugar Living

We're bringing flavor back to your yogurt bowl.


Back in the day, flavored yogurt was everywhere! We couldn't escape the advertising for banana creme pie, boston cream pie, dulce de leche. The list of dessert flavors was tempting! At least, until you looked at the ingredients - sugar free yogurt was sweetened with Aspartame, and regular yogurt was sky-high in added sugars and artificial flavors. In case you didn't get the memo, artificial flavors are OUT.

Were you also swept up by the FroYo craze? It's hard to imagine that we didn't know better than to think it was somehow healthier than icecream, but let's chalk it up to hopefulness and move on, eh? 

Cinnamon Dolce Yogurt with Blackberries from Miss Mary's Sinless Syrups



As we get older, many people stop drinking milk or consuming it with cereal. 

Whatever your thoughts are about dairy milk, it is an excellent source of calcium. So many adults look for ways to incorporate some form in their diet. Yogurt has the added benefit of containing probiotics (check the label for "Contains live and active cultures" to be sure they weren't killed off in the manufacturing process). 

The yogurt brands that consistently rank well with Dietitians include Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt and Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt.

Probiotics help feed and fortify the good bacteria in our digestive system. Unfortunately, for many of us, modern life threatens our good gut bacteria, leaving us at risk for a whole host of health problems. READ MORE ABOUT GUT HEALTH

Miss Mary's Cinnamon Dolce Sugar Free Sinless Syrup for Yogurt


We were trained a long time to believe the wrong things about "low fat."  

Now, we know that some fat is not just ok to eat, it is necessary for healthy brains, energy, and our ability to feel full and satisfied (or satiated). You've probably heard of "healthy fats," right? Well, the technical term is "unsaturated fat." These include avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds and fish.

The saturated fats from animals and include dairy products are what we should limit. But here's where it gets tricky - full fat Greek Yogurt, for example, does have a higher saturated fat content but that might be offset by how full and happy you are afterward. 

In the yogurt hey-day, it was hard to find any that wasn't labeled "Low Fat." Back then, we incorrectly associated low-fat foods with less-fat bodies. The ugly truth was that in order to make foods without fat content taste good, manufacturers had to add a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners. And we all know what artificial sweeteners do to healthy gut biomes!



There are many healthy yogurts to try - regular, Kefir, Australian - all can have health benefits. For this recipe, we've chosen Greek Yogurt for a few reasons.

Greek yogurt refers to yogurt that has had the whey protein strained out, making it thicker. For friends with lactose sensitivity, Greek yogurt is an excellent choice because the lactose is also (mostly) strained out. 

Greek Yogurt has a creamier texture which is really satisfying and it can even make a good frozen treat! Just avoid artificial flavoring and, of course, artificial sweeteners. 

Greek Yogurt for Cinnamon Dolce Yogurt Recipe by Miss Mary's Sinless Syrup

The Art of the Cinnomon Dolce Yogurt Bowl

Yogurt bowls are a whole vibe. The beautiful, bright-white of the yogurt is an expectant canvas. Your toppings are limited only by your creativity and preferences.

The Yogurt Bowl is an easy way to make your first meal feel special. It's fast to prepare and looks like something straight from the spa retreat you wish you were at right now. By starting your day with a delicious, healthy breakfast, you'll set the tone for your whole day.

You can add the Sinless Syrups at any time during assembly, but we love to mix them into the yogurt so every bite has the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and creamy.

Add Sugar Free Sinless Syrups to Greek Yogurt



For the Cinnamon Dolce Yogurt recipe, we went with toppings that are readily available to most and not overly specific to the season: blackberries, granola, and pepitas. 

For a Fall-themed yogurt bowl, you could try green apple or pear, fig, chestnuts or walnuts, and Apple Crisp Sinless Syrups.

In the Winter,, consider pomegranate seeds, sliced clementine, toasted coconut, flax seed or hemp hearts, and White Chocolate Sinless Syrups.

For Spring and Summer, is there anything better than strawberries and peaches? Pair those bright fruits with rich, crunch pecans and Madagascar Vanilla Sinless Syrups.

The beautiful aesthetic of a Cinnamon Dolce Yogurt bowl

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