This Sinless Irish Cream Will Have You Feeling Lucky 🍀

Sláinte, friends! It's the season of shamrocks and shenanigans. Are you ready to celebrate?


Sinless Irish Cream shots with shamrocks

If you haven't tried Irish Cream before, it's a bit like melted milkshake. This lovely apperitif or digestif is made of heavy cream and sugar, vanilla, chocolate, and whiskey. It's delicious... but decadent. It's popular among families with Irish heritage around the holidays and again leading up to St. Patty's Day. 

If you love that Irish Cream flavor, you're DEFINITELY going to want to give this recipe a try. 

A Family Tradition (or Not)

Americans with Irish descent lurrrrrve to boast about it, even if they are many, many generations removed from Ireland. This is especially true as the calender nears St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). While the spectacle of St. Patrick's Day celebrations is an American homage to certain aspects of Irish culture, the parades and lively music, food, and drinks do make for a fun break from Winter weather and doldrums.

Like the parades, Irish Cream isn't really an Irish tradition. It was invented by an Englishman, but don't tell your Irish-American grannie. For some of us, Irish Cream was served after holiday dinners while the family recovered from the feast. Dishes would be done with occasional sips from crystal cordial glasses. Someone would remark, "Oooh, that's so good." And everyone around would murmer their agreement.

Another popular way to enjoy the liqueur is added to coffee. (Woohoo!) Say less, fam. We knew we needed to create a Sinless Irish Cream recipe.

 Sinless Irish Cream on the Rocks with Madagascar Vanilla Sinless Syrup

Recipe Refresh - Sinless Irish Cream

One of the better known brands of Irish Cream will absolutely ruin your low sugar intentions. In a 3 oz. shot of Bailey's Irish Cream, you'll rack up 314 calories, 18g of sugar, and 13.6g of fat. Never mind if you pour a double over ice. Yikes!

Some would argue that you can find tastier choices than Bailey's, but you'll still end up with high calories, sugar, and fat content. That's where Sinless Syrups comes in. Our version is fabulously-innocent by comparison. 

If you've not visited us before, remaking recipes is kind of a Sinless Syrups thing. Low Sugar Living is important because we want to feel our best and to stick around for a long time, but who wants to give up all the fun of treats and cocktails?

Not us.

So, we are making our way through some of the naughtiest recipes a little at a time. (pssst! If there's a recipe you'd like to see refreshed, send us a note!)

 Sinless Irish Cream with Madagascar Vanilla Clover Vase

A Modern, Zero-Proof Option

If you're too busy to be bothered with a hangover but still keen to be green, this is the Irish Cream recipe for you. Maybe it's all this low sugar living or maybe it's our life stage, but we're drinking less alcohol these days.  

As we mixed our way through this recipe refresh, we reached for Ritual Whiskey Alternative instead of the traditional Irish Whiskey. Several of their company values line up with our own — no/low calorie and no artificial flavors to be specific.

By making this recipe non-alcoholic, we hope it allows more people to enjoy this festive and flavorful drink more often. Maybe even grannie. 🍀

 Madagascar Vanilla Sinless Syrup in Sinless Irish Cream Attributes

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