The Toasted Marshmallow White Russian is the perfect Holiday Treat

This boozy milkshake will be everyone’s favorite at the holiday get-togethers


Toasted marshmallow is what’s missing from your life. We aren’t talking about the gooey, charred mess of a real toasted marshmallow. Forget that. It’s a tactile nightmare. No, we’re talking about the flavor of toasted marshmallow. Think about it - were you ever unhappy eating a s’more? Hmmm? That’s what we thought.

In the Fireside Favorites Collection, Toasted Marshmallow was the sleeper favorite. We knew it was one of our personal favorites but when the raves started pouring in, we decided we’d better get to the test kitchen for more ways to use this delightful sugar free syrup.

Toasted Marshmallow White Russian - Sugar Free Sinless Syrups

What about a Toasted Marshmallow White Russian?

Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Free Sinless Syrups tastes great in coffee and cocoa and smoothies. It makes a great homemade whipped cream (pumpkin pie topping, anyone?).

We were trying to think outside the box. And suddenly it hit us. What about putting it in a White Russian!?! We tried it. It was delicious. And now it’s a thing.

Sugar Free Sinless Syrups make Toasted Marshmallow White Russian


Ok, be honest - have you ever actually had a White Russian cocktail?

If not, there’s no shame in it. If you’re a certain age, you might not have grown up under the shadow of the Cold War. There was a lot of pop-culture related to Russia. According to, a 1930s cocktail known as a “Russian” was made with gin, vodka, and creme de cacao.

A Belgian bartender is credited with what we call a “Black Russian” - vodka and coffee liqueur on the rocks, and a footnote in The Diners’ Club Drink Book mentions adding cream to it in 1961. 

Why “Russian?” Historically, vodka was made in/imported from Russia. That’s it. That’s the only connection. 

Serve a Toasted Marshmallow White Russian this holiday


Creamy, sugary cocktails had their hey-day in the 50s and 60s. The White Russian could have easily been lost to modern palates along with the Pink Squirrel and the Brandy Alexander, but for one man. The Dude.

Jeff Bridges played a character called “The Dude” in a late 90s film, The Big Lebowski. If you haven’t seen it, please add it to your weekend itinerary. For some, it is now an iconic movie on the same level as The Princess Bride. Throughout the movie, the affable “Dude” can be seen holding and drinking a White Russian. For fans of the film, that was all it took for them to adopt the White Russian as the boozy milkshake of their dreams. 

Festive holiday drink - Toasted Marshmallow White Russian

So Many Ways to Enjoy a White Russian

First things first - the traditional White Russian recipe is not a low calorie or low sugar beverage. Coffee Liqueur is about 30g of sugar all by itself. The Toasted Marshmallow White Russian can definitely be made with actual coffee instead of the coffee flavored liqueur. Using coffee and Sugar Free Sinless Syrups, you will still get that delicious sweetness (with the bonus of Toasted Marshmallow flavor). 



Heavy whipping cream is a star ingredient in the Toasted Marshmallow White Russian because it turns the cocktail into a dessert. If you’re serving these at a party or planning to enjoy more than one, you may opt for milk or non-dairy options to save on the total calories. 

Oat milk is a good option to try because it is very creamy. Check the label to choose an oat milk that isn’t packed with sugars. Chobani makes a very good zero sugar oat milk.

How to make a Toasted Marshmallow White Russian


Make This Recipe 👇


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