Ditch the Sugar. Keep the Fun.

Giving up sugar doesn't mean giving up fun. Life is meant to be celebrated!

Miss Mary's Low Sugar Living is about living your best life without guilt.

We've included recipes using Miss Mary's mixes or syrups, resources for your own low sugar journey, and tips to enjoy delicious celebrations and still feel good about your choices.

Ditch the sugar. Ditch the guilt. Keep the fun.

Sugar Free Cosmo Martini

And just like that... we're drinking Cosmos again. If you miss the days of fabulously pink martinis, this Sugar Free Cosmo Martini is about to make you very happy. It...

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Low Sugar Recipes

From first sip of coffee to last call on the patio, these recipes will help you ditch sugar (AND sucralose), but keep the fun.

New York Sour

Sinless New York Sour Recipe Sour cocktails remain popular for good reason... they're delicious. The New York Sour doesn't immediately sound like a winner. After all, the ingredients don't sound like they...

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French 75

Sinless French 75 Recipe Is there ever a wrong time to enjoy Champagne? No. No there is not.   The French 75 is a sophisticated, refreshing Summer sipper. We think it...

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Gin Campari Old Fashioned

Sinless Gin Campari Old Fashioned Recipe Have you ever met an Old Fashioned you didn't enjoy? We haven't either. We are pretty big fans of the Wisconsin Tavern-style Old Fashioned. So much...

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Sinless Sazerac Recipe This cocktail from New Orleans is most definitely Big and goes down Easy.   The Sazerac is another classically-fabulous, retro cocktail. It is mostly made with Rye Whiskey, but...

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Vodka Gimlet

Sinless Vodka Gimlet Recipe This delightfully simple cocktail was in vogue during the 50s If you watched Mad Men, you probably saw Betty Draper down a few Gimlets. Made traditionally with...

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Sinless Gin Fizz

The Sinless Gin Fizz is the perfect Spring cocktail to add to your home bar menu.

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Hurricane Mary

We're taking our cue from N'awlins and pouring this big, easy beverage - just without all the sugar.

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NA Piña NO-lada

Keep yourself on the right track with this keto-friendly and diabetic-friendly, completely non-alcoholic vacation in a glass.

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