Clean Ingredients Taste Better

Made with the Good Stuff

For us, the good stuff is all natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

We all know that sugar is no bueno for our health. The real bummer is that artificial sugars are not that great for us either. That's why we use natural sweeteners that are better for you. For example, monkfruit doesn't cause the same insulin spike as sugar, but tastes just as indulgent. 

What the Heck are "Clean Ingredients?"

Look, we're not going to lie - "Clean ingredients" sounded like marketing speak to us at first, too. It turns out, we aren't the only people who like to enjoy a cocktail with friends, family, and each other AND actually care about what we are putting into their bodies.

Health is the new wealth. We aren't willing to leave something that important to chance. So, we made mixers, elixirs, and syrups that wouldn't make us feel bad.

All We Do Is Win

It doesn't matter how clean the ingredients are if they don't taste as good or better than the original. Those are the facts. Thankfully, our standards are pretty high (we're fancy like that). So far, we have a pretty good success rate on the flavor side of things.

The Lineup

Bloody Mary Morning Elixirs:


Bloody Mary Festival, Highwood, Illinois 

-People’s Choice (2015), (2016)

-Judge’s Choice (2015), (2016)

International Spirit Competition, Los Angeles, California

-Bronze Medal (2015)

-Silver Medal (2017)

-Gold Medal (2017)

International SIP AwardsIrving, California 

-Gold Medal (2018)

Cocktail Mixes:

  • Lite Margarita [30 Calories per serving]
  • Fresh-Squeezed Paloma [40 Calories per serving]
  • Wisconsin Tavern-Style Old Fashioned [30 Calories per serving]

Awards: 2020 FABI Award by the National Restaurant and Bar Association 

Cocktail Mixes: