For A Festive Affair Without the Fuss, Make The Jinglebell Paloma Recipe

Elevate Your Holiday Gathering with this simple, signature cocktail.


Make the Jinglebell Paloma for your next holiday gathering 

The holiday season holds a certain magic that calls for celebration with our favorite people. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering with friends or attending a jolly, family get-together, creating the festive atmosphere doesn't have to break the bank. Set the perfect party vibe with these wonderfully budget-friendly ideas.

Jinglebell Paloma Time Is a Swell Time

We're not saying the drinks are the most important aspect of the night, but once that's handled, the rest is a piece of cake. The Jinglebell Paloma is super-simple, but oh-so-fun. We take the award-winning Lite Paloma Mix and tequila (a fan-favorite pairing!) and we add a splash of cranberry mix. 

There's a garnish here and there, but that's it. It tastes like Joy to the World.

As you know, Miss Mary's Lite Paloma Mix boasts just 1g of sugar, making it the ideal choice for an evening of holiday cheers-ing. You don't have to load up on sugar just to celebrate the season.

How to make the Jinglebell Paloma recipe

Party Particulars 


Decide in advance if you'll be Rocking around the Christmas tree or playing Holiday Pops. You may not even want to play holiday music at all. Craft a playlist that captures YOUR spirit of the season.

If you want dancing and magic, find the beat and drop it like its hot. If you want chill conversation, go for instrumental or acoustic covers of favorite melodies. If your friends know to expect the unexpected from you, blend a unique playlist of the year's best from around the world.

Think globally, celebrate locally - isn't that how the saying goes? 


Speaking of the right sound effects - there's nothing like the crackle of a holiday hearth. As they sing in the song, "listen to that fireplace roar!"

Even if you don't have a fireplace, you can create warmth and ambiance with lighting. Twinkling fairy lights and strategically placed candles can transform your space into a cozy haven.

Party decor looks most polished when there is a consistent theme, say one bold color choice that carries throughout the space. If you're a DIY-er, you can make gorgeous snowflakes in brown paper or newspaper that give off such old-timey charm, your guests will be dazzled without even a hint of bling.

You don't have to go all out, but keep scale in mind. Big tables need big centerpieces. Oh, and don't forget to try the Tiktok hack with curtain rod and some evergreen boughs! 

Have you had a Jinglebell Paloma from Miss Mary's Mix?


The best way to serve a big group on a budget? Ask everyone to bring something! Throw a dip party. Assign a charcuterie theme to each couple. Or designate a specific dish from your menu to a few trusted besties.

Meats & cheeses are expensive (especially now!) so these are great assignments. Use half the amount of bacon in brussel sprout or date appetizer recipes. Delight your guests with individual cups of spaghetti squash with chestnuts and alfredo. And go bonkers with the celery - it's cheap, it's perfect for dips, and it's safe for practically everyone!

Another useful trick is to serve all the veg first while people are peckish, then bring out the heartier food once those trays are picked over. 

Keto-friendly Jinglebell Paloma recipe - just 2g of sugar


Maybe this isn't for everyone but theme parties can be hilarious ice-breakers. Have a festive sock competition and let the winner be decided by vote on social media. (This works wonderfully if your house is a no-shoes kind of place!) Snag a bunch of dollar store holiday headbands and hats and have guests choose theirs at the door. Or go full-on posh and throw a Christmas white out party. (Wisconsin/Minnesota, you may want to don a pop of red so you can be seen outside. ❄️) 

Whatever your theme, remember that being together sharing stories and laughs, is all any party needs to be a success. With a Jinglebell Paloma in hand and the people you love most around you, it will be a party that will be remembered long after the last sip. Here's to your happy holidays. Cheers!


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