Recipe Header - Fiesta Sangria from Miss Mary's MixMISS MARY’S FIESTA SANGRIA

When life calls for a fiesta and a low-sugar punch, try Miss Mary’s hot take on the Summer favorite, Sangria.

Rumor has it Miss Mary’s cousin made this with sparkling wine instead of soda for her bachelorette party. We can neither confirm nor deny that a good time was had by all, because what happens in Hotlanta, stays in Hotlanta. *wink*

This recipe features both Miss Mary’s Lite Margarita and Paloma mixers in place of fruit juice. Since most fruit juice is high in sugar content, this will lighten things up considerably! We make our mixers with quality ingredients and no artificial sweeteners so you can baila, baila, baila if you want to. Ditch the sugar, not the fun.

INGREDIENTS - What to buy

Fiesta Sangria Recipe Card

This recipe scales well - all the liquids are 1:1 measurements.

  • Fiesta Sangria Recipe Post
  • Premium tequila
  • Miss Mary’s Lite Margarita Mix
  • Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix
  • Dry white wine
  • Sparkling soda
  • Garnish - sliced fruit of your choice (try limes, pineapple, & berries), edible flowers, fresh herb like mint or basil
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This easy recipe is a tremendous crowd-pleaser!

    1. Add giant ice cubes to a pitcher/ carafe/ punch bowl.
    2. Pour equal amounts of each liquid ingredient over the ice and stir.
    3. Add garnish
    4. Enjoy!

Why not serve Tapas with this party sangria?  You can Ask Miss Mary for ideas.

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