Ultimate Game Day Bloody Mary Bar

Elevate Your Game Day Experience with a Miss Mary's Bloody Mary Bar

Ready to score big on game day? Let Miss Mary's help you create a Bloody Mary bar that'll have your taste buds cheering! We take the best things from the popular "bottomless bloody marys bars" made popular by sports bars and right-sized it for watching the Big Game (or any game) in the comfort of home.

Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix from Miss Mary's Mix

Reimagine a Better-For-You Game Day

Game Day doesn't have to be a nightmare for healthy living. You can steer clear of the traditional game day snacks without giving up all the fun flavors you love.

Let’s break the Bloody Mary Bar down into just 3 priorities:

1. Quantity

The “accepted” party rule is that guests will have two drinks during the first hour of a party and one drink every hour after that. Let’s say you have 20 people coming (all adults) and the party will last 6 hours. (20 x 2) + (20 x 5) = 140 drinks.

The age and stage of guests will factor heavily into how well that math maths, if you catch our drift. *ahem* 

Some will argue that the star of the drinks bar is the spirit you choose. We're here to tell you that the right mix makes the spirit irrelevant, and we'll just say it... even unnecessary!

Bloody Marys are delicious with or without alcohol. Whether it's vodka, gin, tequila, or even a non-alcoholic option, Miss Mary's Mix plays well with everyone. Remember, we're here to craft a drink that tickles your taste buds and pairs well with a lively game day vibe.


Each 750ml bottle is good for about 6-8 servings depending on your mix-to-spirit ratio. Our smaller bottles are good for 3-4 drinks. You can get at least 15 Bloody Marys from a handle of Miss Mary's Thick & Savory Bloody Mary Mix.

Trio of Bloody Mary Mixes from Miss Mary's Mix

2. Quality


It will come as no surprise that the mix we recommend is our very own. Miss Mary’s Morning Elixir (Original) is the Mix that started it all. [Read Our Story

Like all of the mixes that followed, we started with the simple idea that lower sugar and quality ingredients make a better tasting mix. The Original Morning Elixir is lighter by design. We wanted a mix that tasted great but didn't fill us up (or out!).

Packed with better-for-you ingredients, this mix was a labor of love for us. We wanted to enjoy traditional bloody mary flavor for brunch, game day, or golf without artificial flavors, colors, or major allergens.

If you like a brunch or game day "session," you'll love this mix. It's perfect for all-day sipping. The Original, Award-winning Miss Mary's Bloody Mary Mix is a game-changer for game day. 

We also offer a slightly spicier version, Miss Mary's Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix. This award-winning mix appeals to those who live a little more 'caliente.' The heat level isn't the kind of spicy that scorches your tongue and ruins your chances of tasting anything else for the rest of the day. That's just not our style. This is a layered spice that will wake up your mouth. 

Miss Mary’s Thick & Savory mix is a heartier, more robust option for the traditionalists in your group. This one is still made with the high-quality ingredients and lower sugar content as our other mixes, with a thicker consistency.

The best Game Day Bloody Mary Bar will offer something for every taste. We make it easy to do with three low-sugar mixes for you.

Bacon and Bloody Marys are a Match Made in Miss Mary's Heaven

3. Presentation

Guests will be delighted by a self-service drinks station. A counter-top ice bucket for vodkas and mixes is a nice touch. You’ll want to add ice/pour out water to avoid spillage. We think our bottles are charming just the way they are, but you can pick up carafes online or from your local Cost Plus World Market.

For “glassware,” think about the number of people X how many people will set their drink down and forget which one is theirs X who will help you do dishes.

Pint glasses or highballs are a nice touch if you have enough, but honey, there is no shame in the Solo Cup game. (Check out their online options for coordinating with your team colors or #valentines or #stpattys.)  Guests can label their cup for fewer mixups.

Get Your Garnish Game On for Game Day Bloody Mary Bar


Accessorizing a Bloody Mary is a creative art. Dazzle your guests with an eclectic build-your-own garnish station. Encourage creativity and let your guests build their own edible works of art.There is no wrong way to do it. If it speaks to you, it’s beautiful.

Traditional choices include celery, pickle spears, olives, limes and lemons.

Hit your protein goals with crispy bacon, jerky, kebabs, sliders, li'l smokies, or popcorn chicken

Don't shy away from playful choices like shrimp cocktail, bell peppers, pizza sticks, crispy asparagus, pickled veggies, cheese cubes, 

A word on spice - Our mixes are ready-made, which means you don’t need the usual additions of hot sauce or Worcestershire, but you might like a celery salt dish for use on the rim… it’s just pretty. We've been known to use a colorful spice mix from Penzeys from time to time.

For guests who can't get enough heat, you can add a habanero or ghost pepper sauce to the display. 

The key is to have fun and let your imagination run wild. Go garnish-crazy. Miss Mary's Mix is versatile enough to complement even the quirkiest garnishes.

As you gear up for game day, remember that a Miss Mary's Mix Bloody Mary bar is a celebration of flavors, creativity, and good times. No matter who wins the game, you'll be the MVP for making this a game day to remember.

Go team! 



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Recipe for the perfect Game Day Bloody Mary Bar


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