Are you ready for Hot Mom Summer?

Just like bodies at a beach are "beach-bodies," if you're a mom and it's hot, you're a "Hot Mom." 😘 Now that it's officially Summer, that would make it... a hot mom Summer. WooHoo!  And we've got just the thing for it.

We're not talking about striking a pose or walking the catwalk, but if that's your thing - you GO, mama!
No, we're talking about all-day tournaments and double-headers. We're talking about outdoor family reunions, neighborhood festivals, and road trips. We're talking lake cabins with no air conditioning. (Oh, the humanity!)


We're talking about hydration.


What is Hydration?

If you've been following the #watertok trend, you might think that hydration is rainbow-colored and occasionally sparkly. Mmmm... nope. 

Hydration is consuming enough water (and other stuff with high water content) to maintain cell function and electrolyte balance in our body.

We need water because, basically, we are water. The human body is around 55-60% water and it takes about 2-3 quarts just to replace what we lose each day. Every breath, bead of sweat, and visit to the potty eliminates water from our bodies.

When we aren't properly hydrated, some gnarly things can happen. 



Friends Don't Let Friends Get Dehydrated

A trainer once told us that by the time you're thirsty, it's already too late. You're dehydrated. (oopsie!)

Proper hydration helps to keep your mental and physical performance sharp. It keeps your joints well-lubricated, plumps your skin, flushes toxins, and helps curb your appetite.

If we all drank a glass of water when the urge to snack struck, there would be a lot fewer snacks snuck. 🫣

The dreaded "hangover" headache is due to dehydration, but most headaches can be prevented, or at least diminished, by better hydration. Not the 12-hour car ride to the family reunion ones, unfortunately, but most!

So, let's check the notes... being hydrated helps you look better, think and move better, and feel better? Where do we sign up!?!?!

Right Here

Everybody drinks Sinless Fruit Syrups.


Moms-Only or No?

We hope it goes without saying, but just in case... Sinless Fruit Syrups are for everyone who wants to live their best *Hot Summer* selves! 

The fruits we chose for our first Water Enhancer trio - Peach, Raspberry, and Tropical - appeal to everyone (we hope). If you want to drink more water or want to enjoy drinking more water, then these fruit syrups are for YOU!

Sinless Fruit Syrups are perfect for day or night, relaxing or exercising, indoor or out! Take Sinless Fruit Syrups to work or to the beach, on a walk or on a drive. There's no place you can't be hydrating more deliciously

Jokes aside, Moms sometimes need a reminder to take better care of themselves, though, don't they? So yeah, if you know a mom who could use a little boost to her hydration routine, maybe pick up an extra bottle or two for her. 

Then go live that "Hot Mom Summer" life with her! 

How Hot Moms Hydrate in the Summer

Whether you're a hot mom or one hot mutha, it is on-brand for you to hydrate yourself and everyone around you. You know what we're saying? It's giving care-taker vibes, darlin'!

Fill your favorite big glass or water bottle with water and ice. Add 1 Tbsp. of Sinless Fruit Syrups per 8-10 oz. of water. That's it. You'll down that delicious water in no time and be ready for another. 

When you're packing for the ballpark, beach or boat, add a couple of ice-cold Sinless Fruit Syrups to the cooler and watch everyone from your littles to your bigs want some for their Yeti or Stanley. Trendsetting like that is a total flex, mama.

Best of all, unlike some water enhancers, Sinless Fruit Syrups don't have artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners. We use REAL fruit for color and flavor, plus other natural flavors and sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia leaf. And just for good measure, we added B-Vitamins because when you CAN do good, you should. 

Put hydration on your To-Do list. Sinless Fruit Syrups will help.

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