Want a great Paloma Shandy recipe? Read on…

Picture it – the heat of the day was punishing. You’ve put in your time – yard work? workout? watching t-ball? And, now you’ve earned your reward.
But, what will quench that incredible thirst?

Paloma Shandy, of course!

The bright, tart grapefruit of a Paloma elevates even the most basic beer for a crisp, fresh beverage that is as perfect on the patio as it is on the boat dock.



Pour beer into a tall frosted glass or mug.  Top with 1-3 oz. of Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix.

Seriously… that’s all it is. You add Paloma mix to your beer and somehow it is magically transformed into something slightly swankier.

The “Shandy” dates back to the 1850s, when pubs in England mixed beer and ginger ale and is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “Radler.” The Radler was a German tavern owner’s way of making his beer supplies last by adding lemonade. Genius!

We think the Paloma Shandy is also perfect for Sunday sessions – all the flavor, half the alcohol.

AND, with Miss Mary’s clean label mixers, you aren’t loading up on calories or sugar. Cheers to that!


Customer review of Miss Mary's Paloma Mix
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