The Piña NOlada is a Zero-Proof Vacation-in-a-Glass

Need an island getaway? This non-alcoholic treat is *almost* as good...

This creamy-sweet piña colada is an absolute favorite at All-Inclusive resorts. And no wonder! It smells and tastes like vacation. It's so delicious, you could get overserved both rum and sugar.

We cleaned up the recipe so you can enjoy it anytime. We skipped the sugary and artificial mixer and left out the rum, putting the "NO" in "Piña NOlada." (aren't we so clever?!? 😎)

Keep yourself on track with this keto-friendly, non-alcoholic spin on the piña colada. You won't miss what's missing!


Zero-proof Piña Nolada recipe for all day boating fun

By the Pool or On the Lake

When the heat is on, the last thing you want is a sugar high or a hangover. You need hydration! Oh, but you really want something that tastes good, too. 

Our in-house mixologist is a BIG FAN of the piña colada, so they had no problem testing out a million variations of this lower-sugar, N/A recipe. The final one had the creamiest taste and the biggest punch of fresh, familiar flavor. (See recipe notes for other versions!)

In addition to dreamy island flavor, this clever mocktail of ours has a few things going for it: coconut water hydration and bromelain. Any non-alcoholic beverage will be more hydrating than an alcoholic one. But we doubled down with coconut water for the electrolytes, potassium, sodium and manganese. We experimented a bit with pineapple extract or flavor infused waters, but ultimately decided on this  pineapple powder for the anti-inflammatory properties. 

Better ingredients taste and feel better!

We also love that you can make a big batch of Piña NOlada for poolside or dockside. Plus, you could drink as many as you like and still safely operate a boat. Seriously, you won't miss what's missing.

If you're feeling extra and want to give yourself the full "resort" experience, check out these recreation-safe Hurricane glasses.

Creamy, sweet, non-alcoholic treat - the Piña Nolada

Long, Dry January

When the excess of the Holidays is over and you're staring down a long, cold winter, those island getaways hold even greater appeal. Piña NOlada to the rescue!

Not only do you get to sip a delicious, vacation-treat, but you can brag to your adoring social media following about #dryjanuary. 😉

Thirty-one days seems like a long time for good behavior after the blur of parties and presents and calories in November and December. While the Piña NOlada isn't quite sugar free, it makes up for it with satisfying beach vibes.

We recommend you steam up the bath, pour yourself a Piña NOlada, and play some Bob Marley, or whatever floats your boat, at least once this January and twice in February. 


Try the Piña Nolada Recipe for Dry January

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