Sugar Free Vanilla Latte Recipe

Saving money and counting calories doesn't mean giving up your daily Vanilla Latte. 


Sugar Free Vanilla Latte recipy by Miss Mary's Sinless Syrups


Enjoy your favorite specialty coffee at home by swapping Miss Mary's Sugar Free Sinless Syrups for the more expensive (and sugary) coffeehouse version. All that heavenly flavor without the guilt? Yummmmmm.

A Classic Coffehouse Favorite

The Vanilla Latte is often ranked among the top-3 specialty coffee orders everywhere. And no wonder! What’s not to love about the way sweet vanilla syrup and creamy milk soften the delicious punch of espresso?

Our first Vanilla Latte experience was on a trip with friends. We stopped for gas, snacks, and a little caffeine pick-me-up. If you’re like us, you have that one friend who has been everywhere and done everything, but for all her travels and adventures she keeps it real like no other. Anyway, she ordered first - medium Vanilla Latte hot - and we all followed her lead. Her excellent taste is one of the advantages of having her around!


That first Vanilla Latte was anything BUT sugar free. This was before the days of listing calories on menus, but if I had to guess, those drinks were above 500 calories. YIKES! Don’t get us wrong. It was delicious in the same way that a bowl of icecream is delicious. But, instead of the burst of energy we had been looking for, half of the car sugar-crashed into a nap before the next stop.

It took a little time to catch on, but eventually the national coffee chains and higher end shops expanded their menu to include Sugar Free syrups and dairy milk alternatives. Soy, Oat, Coconut, even cashew milk. Before long, you could order a "half-caf, sugar free, iced, vanilla latte with oat milk and extra foam" any time and any place you wanted.

The catch? You still had to pay for it.


Madagascar Vanilla Sugar Free Sinless Syrups - Vanilla Latte Recipe

Want to Make a Sugar Free ICED Vanilla Latte?



What Makes It A Sinless Vanilla Latte?

Back then, SUGAR was the bad guy we knew was to be avoided. Sweeteners had been around so long, most of us never worried about them. People drank diet soda by the 2-liter, so what’s wrong with a little sweetener in your 12 oz. coffee?
It turns out that we weren’t just paying for Sugar Free Vanilla Lattes with cash, we were paying with our gut-health. That’s another story for another time. 


The Sugar Free Vanilla Latte Recipe from Miss Mary’s Sugar Free Sinless Syrups can be made with any espresso you like. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can make a mock-latte using instant coffee or regular coffee grounds.

Our favorite espresso machine is the We totally splurged and bought a too, because there is no such thing as too much foam. 

When we introduced Sugar Free Sinless Syrups, we started flavoring the milk and foam for all our specialty coffees. When we’re feeling extra-fancy, we make our own whipped cream too. Even though it feels like such an indulgence made sweet with one of our syrups, heavy cream is actually sugar free, too. Score one of the good guys! 


If you’re trying to replicate a Starbucks Vanilla Latte, you’ll want to use one of their espresso roast varieties. Most people associate a dark roast coffee bean flavor with espresso, so if you don’t have a favorite espresso brand, you’ll probably be happiest with one labeled “dark roast.” Three of our favorites are Illy brand espresso for its very smooth flavor, Four Sigmatic Boost (ground extra fine) for its nootropic-infusion, and the Fair Trade Single Origin options from Aldi. 

In the end, we made this Sugar Free Vanilla Latte recipe because low sugar living doesn’t have to suck.

Ditch the guilt, not the fun. Enjoy!

Recipe for a sugar free vanilla latte using Miss Mary's Sinless Syrups

Miss Mary's Tip

Make it Iced! Iced Vanilla Lattes are 50/50 Ice and Vanilla Latte, so grab a bigger travel mug if you want to enjoy this specialty coffee on ice. Even better, why not make it with coffee cubes to keep that big espresso flavor front and center.

Try a French Vanilla Latte Want to take your Sugar Free Vanilla Latte to the next level? Add Sugar Free Sinless HAZELNUT Syrup for a Sinless French Vanilla Latte. Ooh, la la!


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