The Perfect Paloma is achievable, friends. In fact, it is quite easy.
This magical cocktail from Mexico continues to grow in popularity throughout the US. We may or may not have helped that trend.

We ARE the fastest growing drink mix company, after all.

To begin, you must have an affinity for tequila. Adoration for grapefruit is also helpful, but even people who don’t love grapefruit love Miss Mary’s version of The Perfect Paloma. True story.


  • 2 parts Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix
  • 1 part premium tequila
  • Garnish: Lime wheel or wedge
  • Optional: Our Paloma Mix is not carbonated, so for authenticity, you can add a splash of sparkling grapefruit or other citrus soda. It’s delicious either way.


Mix Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix and your favorite Tequila Blanco. If you haven’t tried Azteca Azul, make that your next purchase.

Shake and Strain over fresh ice. Top with soda if you like.

The Perfect Paloma is peak refreshment in the Summer. We wouldn’t be surprised if it landed ahead of the margarita as the top cocktail choice for sunny days.
We’ve seen it served with a salt rim and without, so try both and let us know your preference.

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