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Dear Miss Mary,

I’m hosting a virtual baby shower for my sister-in-law. We will have family of all ages joining from several cities. Any ideas for how to feel more connected even though we’re apart?

Than you!   Maggie 



Dear Maggie,

Hooray for babies!

I’m sure it’s a disappointment to not be in-person for such a big celebration. A virtual shower is a thoughtful way to still make your sister-in-law feel connected and cherished. One tip: make sure you send detailed instructions on how to join the virtual event; not everyone is tech-savvy. 

Now, let’s see if you can make this a virtual baby shower to remember:

  • Why not send a small favor to all attendees?
    Does the mama-to-be have a favorite flower? Whether you make or buy flower pins, that might be a nice visual to see all her favorite people wearing them. Shipping a mini-succulents would be pretty darling too.
  • Share a sweet treat recipe
    Since you can’t serve a tableful of goodies, why not share a favorite recipe? Guests can choose to create or not, but it is another sentimental way to connect. 
  • Designate a signature drink
    You know what I’m going to say, don’t you? Well, if a Paloma Mimosa isn’t perfect for a baby shower, I don’t know what is. The mama-to-be can join in with her own mocktail by mixing Paloma and sparkling water. Our Paloma Mix is available nationally at CostPlus, locally at the best Gift and Gourmet Boutiques, and online at or Amazon

My fingers are crossed that you’ll get to cuddle that bundle safely soon after they arrive. 

Sending you wishes for a perfect party.