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Ready To Elevate YOUR Coffee Bar?

You've seen them, right?

Counterspace, kitchen nook, or an entire piece of furniture dedicated to making a delicious cup of warm and wonderful. It doesn't matter if they are kitschy, cozy, glam or utilitarian, a home coffee station or entire coffee bar is just so welcoming, don't you think?  

We started collecting coffee bar inspiration HERE, if you want to see some of our favorites.

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It seems like the trend of having a coffee station, cart or bar at home has been building over the last few years. Maybe we just noticed it more after launching Sugar Free Sinless Syrups. 😇

Maybe the thoughtful conveniences in AirBnBs and vacation rentals made us ask why we couldn't have nice things everyday. Or maybe that year of social distancing turned us all into home baristas, and we have standards to keep. 

Whatever the reason for this design trend, we're here for it. 

5 Ways to Elevate Your Coffee Bar

The at-home coffee set up is personal. You may be an espresso enthusiast or a pour over purist, but even those who loves the speed and function of instant coffee can enjoy a coffee station at home.

For suggestions on Pour Over coffee products, Serious Eats does a nice job presenting options. For coffee makers in general, the ever-tasteful folks at Bon Appetit have a fairly recent review.

Our suggestions won't feature the coffee itself or the mechanism for brewing it.

Instead, we have a few tricks for making your designated space look and function its best.


Any designer (or real estate agent) will tell you - clutter kills the aesthetic. Placing your items on a tray, serving dish, lazy susan, or other platform is an excellent way to make your grouping of coffee items look intentional v. cluttered. If you have a separate nook or furniture piece, this might not be necessary, but an artistic choice can still pull your look together.
Choosing something like this Etched Metal Tray from Perigold or a marble pastry board from Sur la Table are luxe options, but an inexpensive wood or malamine serving tray, a second-hand item, or even a natural fiber placemat or charger plate would achieve the same visual cohesion. 
Elevate Your Coffee Bar - Ask Miss Mary Blog


Is anyone immune to the charms of clever kitchen tools? We didn't think so. Display a few, well-chosen accessories for your coffee set-up and delight in the experience of using them every day.

 Frothers can be found in
Sinless Syrups Coffee Barpractically any store
that carries kitchen tools
and are a must if you
enjoy a specialty coffee with foam.

If gold is your thing, consider a decorative organizer for coffee spoons like this one. We recently added syrup pumps in a brushed-gold color, perfectly sized for our Sinless Syrups and in packs of 3 to match your favorite trio of flavors. 

Other ideas include topping shakers, bean grinder, stir sticks, and a cloth or napkin for errant drips.


Absolutely drop a pop of color into your coffee bar. If your vibe is cottagecore, consider an eclectic collection of antique coffee cups and saucers. Maybe you have a bold accent color throughout your house that could also reflect in your coffee bar. 


Any accessory or the foundation (tray) could serve as the pop of color.

Another idea is to add a touch of greenery to elevate your coffee bar. Kitchens are always better with fresh herbs and a mint or rosemary
or basil plant would smell divine whether there is coffee brewing or not.



It is no secret that having choices feels fancy, but having options at your coffee station doesn't have to be expensive. 

We already mentioned topping shakers - one for cocoa and one for cinnamon? If you add white to your java, consider serving a dairy and non-dairy in tiny pitchers.

One of the most thoughtful options you can offer is an alternative to coffee. *Audible gasp* Yes, friends. Not everyone loves coffee or is able to drink it. (No matter, more for you!)

An assortment of tea flavors is a lovely idea for adding choices. Include black, green, and herbal. You may even find yourself drinking more tea if it is displayed well. Glass jars with air-tight lids are perfect for loose-leaf tea and a small organizer or dish could hold individually wrapped tea bags. Lovely.



Last but, not least - your coffee bar is a HOME coffee bar. Don't overdo it on black or stainless steel. You'll risk giving cold vibes, the opposite of a coffee house one. Instead:

Elevate Sinless Syrups Blog
    • Include earthy materials like wood, textiles, a small plant.
    • Add shine with a gold spoon or light with a miniature lamp.
    • A glass kettle or container will add interest, too.

Whatever you decide, choose elements that bring a smile to your face. Mornings are hard enough.


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