Par Tea Refresher (Zero Proof)

Wait, you’ve never heard of a “Par Tea Refresher?” Where on earth have you been li… just kidding, we made it up. *wink*
But you’re going to LURRRRRRVE it.

If you’ve been around a golf for longer than a minute, you’ve probably heard someone order an “Arnold Palmer.”
As legend has it, ol’ Arnie was the originator of the famous Lemonade/Tea combo. It’s sweet and cool and has a kick of caffeine – the perfect refreshment after a hot day on the links.

There’s just one problem… Lemonade is PACKED with sugar.

If you’re living that keto-lifestyle… ain’t NObody got time for Lemonade.

Enter Miss Mary’s LITE Margarita Mix.

Miss Mary’s LITE Margarita Mix is a clean label, non-alcoholic mix that is ready to pour. Beverages should take longer to drink than to make, don’t you think?

Par Tea Refresher

For the tea, you can use black, green, or herbal.

Garnish with lemon, lime, or both!

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Easy Peasy!

*Try making lo-fi, earth-friendly SUN TEA.


If you want the fizzy without the dizzy, top this delicious Summer sipper with a sparkling water. Use your favorite citrus flavor and you’ll feel alright, alright, alright.

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