NA Herbal Fizz (Zero Proof)

The Herbal Fizz is a little sip of heaven on a hot day. The combination of ruby-red grapefruit and juniper flavors is sophisticated and crisp.

Juniper berries are the familiar flavor in gin. We kept the flavor, but dropped the spirit from this recipe.
You won’t miss a thing.

Add a sprig of mint and let the herbaceous goodness transport you.

Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix is a clean label, non-alcoholic mix that is ready to

pour. This bright, clean grapefruit flavor is just the right amount of tart.
In fact, it won the FABI Award the year it debuted! It has been a best-seller ever since.

INGREDIENTS - What you Need

  • 4 oz. Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix
  • 4 oz. Lime Soda
  • Splash of Juniper Syrup
  • Garnish Game: Mint + Lime wheel

Combine ingredients in a tall glass with ice. Easy Peasy!

What the heck is Juniper Syrup?

Don’t fret. Juniper Syrup may not be all that common, but you can either DIY or order for delivery.

Try this recipe from Julie Reiner or try the all natural Juniper Berry Syrup from Floral Elixir Co.

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