Ditch the Sugar. Keep the Fun.

Giving up sugar doesn't mean giving up fun. Life is meant to be celebrated!

Miss Mary's Low Sugar Living is about living your best life without guilt.

We've included recipes using Miss Mary's mixes or syrups, resources for your own low sugar journey, and tips to enjoy delicious celebrations and still feel good about your choices.

Ditch the sugar. Ditch the guilt. Keep the fun.

Sugar Free Cosmo Martini

The Sugar Free Cosmo Martini is on brand for you 90s Gals And just like that... we're drinking Cosmo Martinis again. ↪ JUMP TO RECIPE If you miss the days...

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Low Sugar Recipes

From first sip of coffee to last call on the patio, these recipes will help you ditch sugar (AND sucralose), but keep the fun.

Miss Mary’s Chili Queso

Veggies, chips, bread, or beefsticks….Dip what you dare!

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NA Herbal Fizz

The Herbal Fizz is a little sip of heaven on a hot day. The combination of ruby-red grapefruit and juniper flavors is sophisticated and crisp.

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Par Tea Refresher

Wait, you’ve never heard of a “Par Tea Refresher?”

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NA Apple Old Fashioned

THIS Old Fashioned is perfect for for young, old, and everyone in between. Plus, it pairs well with flannel and bonfires. What could be better?

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