The Sugar Free Cosmo Martini is on brand for you 90s Gals

And just like that... we're drinking Cosmo Martinis again.


If you miss the days of fabulously pink martinis, this Sugar Free Cosmo Martini is about to make you very happy. It has all the power babe vibes of the 90s original without all the naughty sugar. Call up the girls and mix up a pitcher. This fabulous and SINLESS cocktail is all you need for a night of stylish sipping and soulful sharing.

In a New York Minute

Whether you were a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte, or a Samantha, you probably enjoyed a cosmo or two. And, no wonder! The show was wildly popular among the fashionistas, the feministas, and the aspirational proletariat.

Plus, pink is just pretty. 

It seems like just a minute ago we were 20-something/ 30-something gals dreaming of our future success. Tthe Cosmopolitan was an accessible accessory for those fantasies. We looked cool (or felt cool, at least) ordering and casually sipping the original 'pink drink.'

Cosmos were a quick mix for the bartenders, so ordering one didn't put you on their you-know-what List like a daiquiri or frozen margarita would. If only we knew how fast and easy they were to make, we could have saved some of our meager income and made Cosmos at home.



Like the women from the show, most of us have moved on from spending our leisure time perched on a bar stool. Girls nights get fewer and farther between when you reach a certain life stage. 

All the more reason to plan one right now.

You don't have to get dolled up unless you want to. Make it a messy bun, pajama party if you want. Who cares? It's the time together that counts. 

Plan something silly (binge-watch And Just Like That together?), or serious (share the best advice from your therapists, financial planners, and physicians with each other because if you're going to live a long life - you need your besties with you), or soothing (build a fire, pour a round, and let the convos and cosmos transport you). You could even link this recipe to the invite!

Of course, the location of our cosmo adventures isn't the only thing that has changed. While not the worst offending cocktail when it comes to sugar content, wouldn't you like to lighten it up a little?

Enter Sugar Free Sinless Syrups.

One of our favorite flavors is the neutral Simple Syrup. It can transform practically any cocktail, sauce, or dessert to its low sugar best self. We use it to make this Sugar Free Cosmo Martini recipe. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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