No Espresso Vanilla Latte

No espresso machine? No problem. This no espresso vanilla latte recipe makes it easy to get coffeehouse taste right at home.


The Vanilla Latte is a beloved coffee beverage, but traditional lattes require (expensive) espresso machines. If that bit of luxury is not quite in-budget right now, don't fret! Your love for vanilla latte shall not go unrequited. You can make a no-espresso Vanilla Latte with just a few extra steps. We'll show you how.

But first, let's cover the basics.

No espresso Vanilla Latte recipe made sugar free with Sinless Syrups



Espresso is a dense, smooth caffeinated beverage made from coffee beans that have been prepared a certain way.

Broadly, coffee is made with big grounds, a filter, and hot water. Gravity pulls the water through the grounds and into a pot. For a 12 cup pot, that might take 6-10 minutes.

Espresso is made by forcing hot water through fine grounds using high pressure. The process takes just 30 seconds for a single shot of espresso.

Because the espresso process is so quick, the darker roast delivers rich, sometimes chocolatey flavor. The water is forced through the grounds quickly, pulling the natural coffee bean oils with it, resulting in a slightly thicker, creamy shot.

No espresso vanilla latte recipe from Miss Mary's Sinless Syrups



“Espresso beans” is a marketing label that probably refers to how the beans were prepared, i.e. dark roasted for that heavy, rich, sometimes smoky flavor. The only two kinds of beans are Arabica and Robusto. Arabica beans are milder and more expensive. Many prefer Arabica-only for espresso, but either bean can be used to make excellent coffee. 


How to Get Espresso Flavor Without a Machine?

The espresso machine grinds beans into a very fine powder using heavy pressure. Because the espresso process is short and intense, the water pulls all the oil from the fine grounds without becoming bitter from over exposure. The oil from the espresso grounds is what gives the espresso that creamy texture and appearance. 

To simulate that richness, you can use instant espresso or simply brew a stronger coffee. To get the best result from brewed coffee, you can:

  • use finely ground coffee and a mesh filter (not a paper one)
  • lower the temp of your carafe to reduce the risk of a burnt or bitter tasting brew
  • use less water 


Lattes are 2/3 milk, giving us plenty of grace when it comes to making a perfect No Espresso Vanilla Latte. We recommend heating the milk on the stovetop rather than microwaving it. It will take a bit longer, but the results are more consistent. 

Of course, we aren't just using milk. Sugar Free Sinless Syrups Madagascar Vanilla will give just the right amount of sweetness to the milk along with a distinct vanilla bean flavor. 

Miss Mary's Tip

When heating the milk, keep an eye on your pot so the milk doesn't scald.

If you don't have a frothing wand and don't want to dirty the blender for a little bit of foam, grab a clean jar with a lid that seals tight and shake the milk and syrup together to combine and froth. It's easy and quick! Just be careful that the milk isn't so hot it cracks the glass. A safe alternative is a travel mug with a screw tight lid. Use it like a cocktail shaker and enjoy foam for days!

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