Father’s Day Fun

Dear Miss Mary,

We plan on hosting some Father’s Day fun at our house, but a few of my relatives are nervous about being in close quarters with a lot of people.

How can we make it a fun, social event to honor all the dads while keeping our distance?


Carrie M.


Dear Cautious Carrie,

Well now, aren’t you just the sweetest?

It is not easy to plan events right now. But being with people we love sure feels important, doesn’t it?

Spread out for some Father’s Day Fun

You know what I’d do? Move ‘em outdoors. Why not put on a backyard tournament of yard games? You could make a leader board and even include mystery “Dad” prizes.
If you have the equipment, bags, horseshoes, or washers are a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Or what about creating golf stations using wiffle golf balls to chip into buckets or hoops? Speaking of wiffles… how about a homerun derby? Those are always good for hilarity.

Also…Stop the Spread

You can space out the stations and give hand-sanitizer a place of honor at the drinks table. For high-traffic areas like kitchens and restrooms, add packages of disinfecting wipes to your decor for the day. Those who want them will appreciate your support. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the gesture. 

Fun Cocktails for Dad

If BBQ is on the menu, Bloody Marys should be served. The smoky meat is an absolutely perfect complement to the spice ripe tomato flavor. You could also score big with an Old Fashioned Slush. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a grownup snowcone. *wink* For a BYO option, tell your guests you’ll have Miss Mary’s Mixers, ice, and fruit on hand.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for fine weather, darlin.’