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Dear Miss Mary,

My company had a spectacular quarter, but with COVID, our management told us to postpone or to throw a virtual happy hour.

I’m disappointed that we can’t do something special for them. Any ideas?


Lisa M.


Dear Miss Lisa,

Don’t fret just yet… just because you can’t celebrate as planned, doesn’t mean that celebrations are over. We just have to get creative with this one.

I’ve heard it’s popular to host a team “happy hour” (on Zoom or Facebook Groups or whatever platform you have available). Why not schedule one towards the end of your day and toast each other virtually from the safety of your homes?

To make the virtual happy hour a little more special, why not do a surprise gift-bag drop off?  Some stores even carry all-in-one gifting solutions like this one. It will take a little time to shop, kit, and deliver, but the payoff will be a surprised and delighted team. If you’re able, go big with a kit of Miss Mary’s Mix, a bottle of spirits, a lime, a snack, and maybe something silly and fun, like a party hat or novelty glasses? You can add some company flair to the basket or gift bag with a bow, logo, t-shirt, etc. (or not). *wink* 

If your team is remote – let Miss Mary’s help out. We can deliver a gift-package of mixes (any two you like). We’ll even throw in our favorite drink card with inspired recipes for the mixes you choose. You can order these on our site,

Try not to let these limits overshadow your accomplishments, this one seems fixable, darlin.