Warm Up With A Ginger Kiss

Ginger beer adds a kiss of spice to the classic Old Fashioned.

Low Sugar Cocktail Ginger Kiss Recipe from Miss Mary's Mix
For a marvelous spin on the classic Old Fashioned, give it a Ginger Kiss.

What is a Ginger Kiss?

The "Ginger" in this cocktail comes from both the red hue of our Old Fashioned mix AND from real ginger beer. There is no substitute for the fiery bite of real ginger in a small batch or craft ginger beer, like Bundaberg from Australia. Just a wee bit of this ginger soda makes a whole world of difference to this cocktail experience.

For the spirit, we suggest a quality Irish whiskey, like Tullamore Dew. Or if you like a little more snap to your cocktail, try it with The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey.

Last but not least, we add Miss Mary’s Old Fashioned Mix a better-for-you cocktail mix with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Our non-alcoholic mix brings BIG cherry & orange flavors to your at-home cocktails.

Try a Ginger Kiss for St. Patrick's Day

This lively cocktail is a perfect one to serve on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. While originally observed to honor the date of St. Patrick's death, this *holiday* has become a convivial celebration of faux Irish heritage with parades, music, dancing and drinking.

With 10% of the Irish population being redheaded, we thought the Ginger Kiss recipe would make for a perfect St. Patrick's Day cocktail.

The best part about St. Patrick's Day celebrations is that it really doesn't matter whether you have any Irish heritage. It's a fun way to break up the often-dreary month of March.

Ingredients for a Ginger Kiss


  • Miss Mary’s Old Fashioned Mix
  • Premium Irish Whiskey
  • Quality Ginger Beer
  • Optional Garnish: Thyme, Blood Orange Slice, Cinnamon Stick


Other Ways to Enjoy a Ginger Kiss

The Ginger Kiss is delicious all year long. We love Old Fashioneds in the colder months (except for the Old Fashioned Slush which is the Summer treat of your dreams). Ginger Beer is a great addition to an Autumn Bonfire, too.

You can serve the Ginger Kiss at any gathering. Offer it as a 'treat' for the grownups on Halloween, bring the ingredients to Friendsgiving, or make a batch and cozy up to a bonfire or fireplace.

Whenever you choose to make it, you can bet on making more than one. This recipe scales well. Enjoy!


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