This holiday cocktail will have guests positively *percolating.*

The Sinless Espresso Martini will cause quite a stir - whatever the event. 


Looking for a festive cocktail that will impress without stress?  Enter the Espresso Martini.

But, you don't have to endure a trendy club or pay posh prices for yours. This simple, elegant cocktail can be made at home for a pre-game perk up or as an after dinner party treat for your guests.

Sinless Espresso Martini close up


If you order an Espresso Martini out, you'll likely be served coffee liqueur like Kahlua or Mr. Black - which come in at a whopping 200 calories per serving and 29.7g of Sugar. (Definitely NOT keto friendly.)

You can make this cocktail practially keto-perfect by combining Sugar Free Salted Dark Chocolate and a splash of real espresso or cold brew for a low carb/ low sugar drink that is totally buzz-worthy.

Sinless Espresso Martini Recipe is perfect after a meal


If you've traveled to Europe, you know that nighttime espresso is common. Italy and France are tied for best coffee culture in our opinion. They'll have a quick sip of creamy espresso as a perfect finish to a rich meal. Instead of slipping into a food coma, they'll be slipping on their dancing shoes! 

Who can argue with a culture that favors late night fun with friends or lovers? 

Sugar Free Sinless Espress Martini Recipe 


Let's skip paying a posh price at the restaurant and make this nightcap ourselves, eh? Using Sugar Free Sinless Syrups means you're saving on calories, carbs, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sugar free + Sucralose free = Guilt free.

All that remains is the heavenly taste and the good times. 

For this recipe, we're recommending the Salted Dark Chocolate Sinless Syrups, but you could use almost any flavor, including our Sugar Free Simple Syrup.

Espresso has much less caffeine than cold brew, so you might want to plan ahead and pull a few shots of espresso that you can chill. This cocktail is definitely best, ice cold.

 Why use Sugar Free Sinless Syrups to Make your Cocktails?


We once heard a bartender say that martinis should be served so cold you can skate across them. It might be a Northern thing, but his martinis were so good, we've made it a rule.  

For an ice-cold, creamy, frothy, Sinless Espreso Martini, you should really use a quality shaker. The best are stainless steel so no flavors or aromas transfer between cocktail recipes. Plus that steel gets so cold!

Add plenty of ice, vodka, espresso, and Sinless Syrups to the shaker and get busy shaking. When the outside of the tumbler frosts over, you're ready.

Strain your beverage into a beautiful, stemmed glass - we love a tall coupe or martini glass for this recipe. Add a dark chocolate covered espresso bean or three and cheers!

Garnish your martini with an espresso bean or three 

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